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If you have ever asked yourself...

  • "How Can I Make Better Returns in the Market?"
  • "How Can I Protect Myself if My Portfolio Crashes?"
  • "How Can I Pick Winning Stocks?"
  • "How Can I Diversify My Portfolio With Options?"

Or if you're looking for ways to get the financial results you desire...

... You're In the RIGHT Place.

Here's How IWO Helps Investors Like You

Trade Live WIth IWO

At IWO Premium, we help you navigate the market through options trading. You get real world training while putting on profitable trades and live access to our Trading Group.

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Beat The Market Without Timing The Market

If you have a full time job or don't want to sit in front of a screen for 6 hours a day, then income trading is a good fit for you.

Income trading is a set of strategies that profit based off of ranges instead of picking a direction.

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Free Options Education

If you're brand new to options, then pick up our "Real World Crash Course" in Options Trading.

You will learn everything you need to get started with options.

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Once you register, we will create an account for you. You'll then use your login and password to access the course.

A Note From The Founder

ivy-circleHi, my name is Steve Place and I am the founder and head trader at InvestingWithoptions.

In the middle of the market crash in 2008, I left my career as an engineer to start trading options full time.

Why did I do this?

Because I desired to escape the "time-money" exchange.

Trading options allows me to have unlimited earning potential in the same amount of time. I found I could earn faster returns with less risk, and that I didn't have to be a "market guru" to get those returns.

As I started writing about my journey, I had friends and visitors to IWO start asking more and more about my approach and the trades I took. These people became my first clients and it has been an amazing journey ever since.

I believe that anyone can use options to get the results they desire.

Whether it's having more money so you can thrive during retirement, or if you want to aggressively grow your accounts and trade full time...

... or perhaps you're just tired of the "buy and hold" approach that never seems to work.

Options can get you what you need, and more!

If you want to join me on this journey, just become a member of IWO Premium... I look forward to hearing from you!

What Clients Have Said About IWO

At first I was a little skeptical about joining IWO. My first trade paid for the month with money left over. Now I don't even think of the cost. The benefits are much greater such as learning about options and analysis. I'm a learning by doing guy and Steve gives me lots of practice. The best thing about IWO - it's fun.


Just wanted to give you some positive feedback on Steve Place's service. I have been trading & studying options for 10 years and Steve is, by far, the best trader & teacher I have come across.


Learn More About IWO Premium

First and foremost when we joined IWO we had a stock position that was totally underwater. After talking with Steven Place he suggested a repair strategy that has helped us lower our cost average. That alone was worth the price of the yearly membership. Two, an achievable goal since we're new options traders was to make an extra $1000 a week, and after six short months we're making $4000 - $5000 a month on average. Lastly, the community is real supportive, knowledgeable, and everybody is extremely helpful.


I am up about 25% in 5 months with a six figure account. Each month has been consistently profitable. I no longer experience large, unexpected drawdowns from misguided trades. Most importantly, I sleep better at night and am a happier person -- and I no longer wake up at 4:00am worried about the S&P futures. All that from IWO. It's a bargain at twice the price!


Here's What We Are Committed To...

Our goal at IWO is to create the Independent 10k.

This is a group of 10,000 traders and investors who have found their way to financial freedom through options.

Whether it's generating extra income with options trading...

... or being more secure in your retirement...

... or finally having the freedom to spend your life however you choose.

We want to help you to find that freedom.

Can you imagine the impact that would have?

10,000 people spending more time with their families?

10,000 people working more with their favorite charities?

10,000 people pursuing what they are truly passionate about?

That would make a massive impact on the world.

And that's what we are going to do.