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Investing With Options was created with you in mind. We want you to become a better options trader.

There are few good sources about options trading, both online and in mainstream media. We have sought to fill that need by providing trade ideas as well as training in "options theory."

Trade Options Live with IWO

IWO Premium gives traders the chance to trade with a professional options trader. Daily videos are sent out every night, and members will have access to a trading chat room as well as email alerts for IWO Model Portfolios. Join IWO Premium.

About the Founder

steve-place-300-pxSteven Place is a professional trader specializing in swing trading equity options. He focuses on structuring trades to exploit quantitative models and technical analysis while minimizing risk through portfolio hedging. He has been consistently profitable in both bullish and bearish environments.

Steven earned a degree from the University of Central Florida in Electrical Engineering with specializations in Signals Processing, Stochastics, and Random Processes. After a brief stay in the defense industry, Steven went on to trade accounts full time.

How can I get a hold of you?

Contact Steven on twitter or email steven at iwomail dot com