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IWO Brunch Stock Market Video, March 10th

The Big Shakeout

Equities finally saw a decent correction this week, with the $SPY almost pulling back 3%, while the $IWM has seen relative weakness for over 2 weeks.

The top was in right?

Not so fast.

Topping process take time. That's why they are called "processes."

Even if you are bearish, you have to respect that while momentum may have dwindled, the bid and liquidity are both still there.

In this Episode of IWO Brunch, we discuss:

  • how the move in $USO is still constructive, and how nobody is scared of upside
  • the critical level that was broken in $IWM
  • my favorite option strategies going into next week
  • your individual requests, including $STX, $CRR, $FCX, $POT, $MCD and many more!

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You can watch this week's Brunch below:


by Steven Place

Steven Place is the founder and head trader at