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Video Market Analysis, January 7th

Will It Hold?

After a strong showing earlier in the week, markets cooled off and consolidated.

The stock market seems to be changing its character. European risk seems to be ignored and with earnings season just around the corner, the $SPX may be looking for higher prices.

That is on the condition that equities are not bitten by the mean-reversion bug again. If that happens, more back and fill may occur before any solid trend presents itself.

In this Episode of IWO Brunch we discuss;

  • what kind of pairs trade we can use in $OIH and $USO
  • how the divergence in the Euro $FXE may be coming to a resolution
  • why the Iranian fears in the oil market are overblown
  • what the carry trade ($DBV) must do to signal an "all clear"
  • why I'm bearish on $TLT

You can watch the show below:

by Steven Place

Steven Place is the founder and head trader at