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It Can Get Uglier

The market was red across the board.

This is a great example of what happens when everyone demands liquidity and it can't be easily met. Today and this week has had statistically significant movements, and while a call for mean reversion is warranted, actually putting money to work is much, much harder than it appears.

I think volatility is a screaming sale, and you could use the $VIX or $VXX or selling $SPY spreads.

So do we panic or look for a retracement? Watch the video to find out.

In this Episode of IWO Into the Close, we discuss:

  • why $GLD could be marking an intermediate term top
  • how $TLT has become completely overbought
  • individual names to buy the blood in for longer term investors
  • how to psychologically deal with markets like today
  • individual requests including $TAN, $FSLR, and $WLT

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by Steven Place

Steven Place is the founder and head trader at