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All About Earnings - Free Market Analysis for the Week of July 24th

Is It For Real?

On the back of less bad news from Europe and better news from earnings season, the market finished the week strong with the $QQQ breaking to all-time highs and the $SPY and $IWM threatening to do the same.

Here's where it gets tricky - the market has been in a neutral, mean-reverting range since the beginning of the year. That means whenever the market looked like death, we rallied; whenever the breakout seemed imminent, we sold off.

So will we see a repeat of recent history? We try to address that question as well as:

  • why the debt ceiling news doesn't matter
  • how a range in $USO could be the best thing for the markets
  • why the $XLF and $SMH are important to the markets this week
  • support and resistance levels for $AAPL
  • the Stocktwits 50 for this week
  • your individual requests

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by Steven Place

Steven Place is the founder and head trader at