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The Rubber Band Snapped

Sighs of Relief

After a week of back and forth trading, the markets saw an upside catalyst in the form of some European voodoo that led stocks higher.

The move was puncuated by strong mvoes in high beta stocks, including $SINA, $BIDU and $PCLN. Notable laggards were defensive areas such as $XLU and $XLP. This shows signs of rotation back into risk.

The market is still guilty until proven innocent, and one day does not a trend change make.

In this Episode of IWO Into the Close, we discuss:

  • Names to watch to see if this market is healthy yet
  • Who exactly any Greek bailout will benefit
  • Potential breakout setups in $PLCM, $VHC and others

You can watch the show below

by Steven Place

Steven Place is the founder and head trader at