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Statistical Silliness

It's Guaranteed

... that whenever seems like a sure thing in the markets, it tends to throw you for a loop. Everyone on Friday seemed to be leaning long looking for a bounce going into the weekend, all to see any intraday gains get wiped out.

But that's not all.

I think I've found the reason we've yet to see any sort of bounce, and it's because there is a persistent complacency into this dip.

The dip is being bought. And as it dips more, it's bought again.

There's yet to be any capitulation by longs, and that's why we've yet to see a sustainable bounce.

In this week's Stocktwits Brunch, we discuss:

  • How the VIX is behaving differently compared to the past 18 months.
  • 4 Breadth Indicators Pointing to a Market Bounce
  • Why the Option Sellers will be right this time, but not so much next month
  • This week's Stocktwits 50
  • Your individual requests

You can watch this week's Stocktwits Brunch below:

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by Steven Place

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