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What You Need to Be a Successful Options Trader...

  • A Solid Options Education Foundation
  • Actionable Trade Alerts
  • Risk Management and Portfolio Allocation Tactics
  • A Community of Like-Minded Traders

With IWO Premium you get all of that AND MORE!

What You Get with IWO Premium

  • Live Trade Alerts. You will receive email and twitter alerts for new trade ideas. Go beyond the idea and learn the risk management and position sizing needed to be a consistent options trader.
  • Nightly Videos. Every weeknight you will receive a video analysis of todays action as well as potential trade ideas for the near term. The videos go through individual setups and the associated option trades so you can be prepared for the next day's trading session.
  • Model Portfolios. Unique to IWO, your trade alerts come with position sizing in mind. You will have access to a trading portfolio of $40,000 and an IRA portfolio of $250,000. These portfolios are tracked and updated daily.
  • Weekly Live Webinars. Every Thursday night is "Happy Hour," a webinar series that goes indepth into an individual option strategy or analysis of market conditions. These are archived so you can go back and view them all.
  • Chat Room. A live chatroom is available for more active traders. The room focuses on shorter term trades, and it is a wonderful community of talented traders.

Get All these Benefits for only $79/month!

IWO has helped hundreds of Option Traders reach their goals. Here's what they have to say:

I have been involved in many option trading services. Steven is not only the brightest among them, he is also the most helpful. When I have an option play I am contemplating he is always willing to give me a second opinion.  I have paid for his service many times over with just a couple of his trade suggestions!


I have been trading and studying options for 10 years and Steve is by far the best trader and teacher I have come across.In a difficult trading market such as this he provides great trades and above all, superb education.


Steve is a great teacher with tremendous knowledge of options and the market. Not only does he put on a great model portfolio, he also gives awesome day trades and ideas in the chat room. IWO is definitely a great investment!


In the past 3-4 months, I have learned things almost on a daily basis that I will use for my lifetime as a trader.There are plenty of solid trading ideas being tossed around a very active chat room. The service picks alone are worth the money... but when you factor in the chat room, the live webinars, and Steven himself, IWO turns into an amazing service .


2010 completes my first taxable year of trading options and, by looking at my brokerage statement, I was profitable.  Being an IWO Premium subscriber benefited me because I finished the year up $5,000.  Paying a premium to learn, watch and trade live with IWO gave me the confidence that I needed.  Without IWO's help I probably would have been too fearful to trade options.  Thank you IWO and Steven.


I have been trading stocks since I was old enough to remember and options since my account was upgraded, but the first time I really gathered confidence with my positions was when I started following Steve's suggestions.  The name of the game is managing risk, and he's good. Steve is great at reminding the best of investors, while there are tons to be made, structuring your risk comes first.


I can't say enough about this Ideas, live chatroom, Steven Place guiding you through trades with entries and exits and answering your questions, thorough trade explinations with charts and more. I have been trading options for a few years before subscribilng to the service-- Steve brought my trading to the next leveland I'm getting paid to learn.  A couple of trades will more than pay for your service.


At first I was a little skeptical about using a premium service. My first trade paid for the month with money left over. Now I don't even think of the cost. The benefits are much greater such as learning about options and analysis. I'm a learning by doing guy and Steve gives me lots of practice. The nice thing is that if I miss a few trades there are always more.  The nightly videos get me ready for the next trading day. The best thing about IWO - it's fun.


Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you trade?

Depending on the market environment, we average 8-15 trades per month.

How many ideas do you send out?

The nightly videos seek to give IWO members 7-10 trading ideas per night.

Do I have to be an option genius?

Absolutly not-- IWO caters to all levels of trading experience. We can take traders with no knowlege of options trading and turn them into top traders in just a few months.

What timeframe do you trade?

We focus mainly on the daily charts, but will time our entries on shorter timeframes. We will hold a position between a day to a few months, depending on the strategy.

When should I expect trade alerts?

The alerts go out immediately after I post the trade in the Premium section. This allows you to get the best fill in the market.

What type of option trades do you make?

The kind of trade depends on the current market conditions. We range from simple call and put buys to more complex strategies like the iron condor. Regardless of the type of trade, the explanation spells out in plain english why we are putting on the trade and why we chose that strategy.

How do you manage your risk?

We assume that market volatility is a given. We use portfolio hedging strategies, as well as hedging through the option strategies we choose for a particular trade.

About the Head Trader

Steven Place is a professional options trader based on the Gulf Coast. He manages his account and others, focusing on swing trading options.

After a short career in the Defense industry, Steven took his experience in signals and statistics and applied it to the options market. From there he developed trading strategies and systems that you will have access to as an IWO Premium member.


If you’re serious about mastering this market through options, this is the service for you. The trades and education you receive for your subscription is unparalleled. The confidence and profits you stand to make will make your IWO Premium service a great investment in your financial future.

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