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How to Trade the Twitter Takeover Talks With Options

After 9 months of chatter, new finally came out that TWTR is in talks to be acquired.

The stock jumped from 18.50 to the low 20's overnight.


This is after peaking out in the 70's a few years back:


We aren't sure who will take them out, but here's the current list:

  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • Blockbuster
  • Salesforce
  • Bill Gross
  • Verizon
  • Disney
  • Comcast

And probably about a dozen others.

Personally, I think there's a ton of value in the company that has been poorly executed upon.

And even if they are bought, company cultures will clash and it will not act as a "magic bullet" for the acquirer.

But that's just me as an armchair quarterback. Let's see how you can potentially profit from it.

Potential takeout prices have ranged from 24-30, and the implied volatility has jumped pretty significantly:


The IV is high but is on par with what we see headed into an earnings event.

There's 3 setups to consider here:

If You Are Pretty Sure The Stock Will Be Bought At A Premium

Consider this trade:

TWTR Call 1x2 Trade Setup
BTO1xTWTR21 Oct 1626Call
STCAMZN16 Sep 16720Call
STO2xTWTR21 Oct 1628Call
Total Debit:0.03


Now this is a call 1x2 sale that has theoretically unlimited risk. So if TWTR is bought out at $40 then you're basically hosed.

Yet if you are pretty certain that the takout price will be in the high 20's, this is a way to capture a significant amount of premium without needing to worry about if the takeover talks get pulled.

If You're Not Sure The Stock Will Be Bought But Still Want To Play Upside

IWO Premium Order Ticket
BTOTWTR21 Oct 1622Call
STOTWTR21 Oct 1626Call
Total Credit:1.77


So this is a decent bet that allows you to get some decent gains on upside movement and still have wiggle room if any bids are pulled.

If TWTR is taken out, great you've got about an 80% return.

If it isn't and the stock drops, you can buy to close the 26 call and just have the 22 call on straight up. Odds are any gap-down-on-bad-news will fade a little bit so you can still earn some decent money anticipating that bounce.

If You Think TWTR Won't Be Taken Out

Proactive Spreads Order Ticket
STOTWTR21 Oct 1618Put
BTOTWTR18 Nov 1618Put
Total Credit:0.28


This trade makes the bet that if the offer is pulled, TWTR will gap down hard back under 20.

Also, the October options will lose their premium and the November will stay elevated into earnings. So you get an extra "kick" with your trade.

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by Steven Place

Steven Place is the founder and head trader at