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Free Kindle eBook on Covered Call Trading

I've just released my second Kindle eBook.

This one is titled:

Covered Call Trading: Strategies for Enhanced Investing Profits

And for the next four days, it will be available to download for free.

Starting today (November 13th) to the end of Sunday (November 17th), you can get a free copy directly from amazon.

Here is some more information about the book.

Develop a Fool-Proof Investing Framework

I've been wanting to write this book for years.

I tend to be a more short-term options trader, using advanced techniques for faster profits.

But many of you out there are novice traders who just want to use simpler strategies for longer term trades.

That's what this book is all about.

Covered Call Trading is a way to get higher returns for lower risk. It allows you to build wealth faster compared to more traditional investing methods.

The problem with covered calls is that it can get complex really fast, and you may not understand all the risks involved.

This book not only goes through the potential risks and rewards involved, it shows you the full lifecycle of a covered call trade, and a simple framework you can use to get better investing profits.

You will also receive some bonus video training and other proprietary materials that have never been public before!

Get this Trading eBook... for FREE... With a Catch!

Once again, I'm giving away free copies on Amazon until Midnight on the 17th. So grab your copy while it's available.


I need your help!!! If you get a ton of value out of the eBook, please leave a review on Amazon.

Don't Own a Kindle?

That's OK. You can still get the book on other technology.

You can read it on your computer using the Kindle Cloud Reader, or you could get the Kindle App for iTunes or Android.

It doesn't matter what device you use, you can get access to this book.

Get the Book Here


by Steven Place

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