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The Narrative for This Weekend

We've got a 3-day weekend coming up, and the equity markets have had some headwinds due to a swift reversal on the fed minutes on Wednesday.

Here's how I think this weekend will play out.

This is not anything that is set in stone, or any sort of in-depth technical analysis. This is me "playing the player" rather than looking at fundamentals-- we've seen this crap before

  1. Sunday will see the forex markets open and the yen will continue to strengthen against other currencies
  2. This will lead to a further correction and volatility in the Nikkei and will cause a spillover into the futures markets
  3. The US futures markets will open at 815 and see increased volatility
  4. Every fund manager in the Hamptons will have to un-pop his collar, put down his tom collins, and get glued to his Blackberry iPhone Samsung device. Calls will be made, doom and gloom will permeate, zerohedge's twitter feed blows up.
  5. Sell orders line up for the open on Tuesday. Futures markets have already priced the market down in anticipation of these sell orders. Volatility futures spike up and there's a nice gap down in many stocks.

That's when you buy.

by Steven Place

Steven Place is the founder and head trader at