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How to Trade Short Term Options, Read the Tape, and Become a Millionaire Options Trader (with SangLucci)

How can you trade high-risk options without losing your shirt?

You could start buying a ton of weekly options and hope for the best...

...or you can learn aggressive market timing strategies and watch your account hit ALL TIME highs as the momentum works in your favor.

I have a feeling you want the 2nd choice, and that's why I brought millionaire options trader Sang Lucci to IWO for a 35-minute interview.

How Sang Lucci Combined Tape Reading and Option Buying for Huge Profits

By now you know that successful options traders all have one key trait: consistency.

After working with a proprietary firm and developing that trait, Sang Lucci raised capital and moved into options trading.

How did he do it? You can find out in this audio interview-- just click to play:


After the interview, go grab his 7 Video Lessons on Options Trading.

What You'll Learn in the Interview:

  • How Lucci went from a college painting service to a lead trader at a proprietary trading firm
  • Why the prop firm shut down and what we can learn about adaptation
  • His big trade in Citigroup, where he made a 1000% return on a quater million dollar position.
  • A completely different perspective of finding trades-- looking for what's wrong, not what's right.
  • How weekly options have completely changed the game in options trading.
  • What smaller traders have to do in order to be successful.
  • Why option buying works, and what more conservative option traders can learn from his trading system.

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  3. Go grab Lucci's 7-Part video training course on options trading -- it's free, so go grab it now.

by Steven Place

Steven Place is the founder and head trader at