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Political Hijinks -- Free 1 Hour Market Analysis Video


At least that's what it felt like this week.

I still believe that the debt ceiling news is more political hand-waving than market mover.

But uncertainty breeds fear, which breeds selling. And that's O.K.

As an options trader, I'm a big fan of fear because I can become the insurance salesman and pull in plenty of premium.

And right now, $SPY options premium is running pretty hot.

Plenty to talk about with respect to this week's events, including:

  • what really mattered in this market (hint: think $AKAM, $STEC, and $VPRT)
  • how it's really easy to make the China bear case
  • why it's importance to keep the market in context of its intermediate term trend
  • some bullish divergences in $JJC and $DBV
  • my favorite China internet stocks, including $SOHU and $RENN
  • your individual requests, including $OXY, $HAL, $TRLG, $AAPL and many more
You can watch the video below.

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by Steven Place

Steven Place is the founder and head trader at