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It Still Hinges on the Dollar

Tightening Volatility Means a Post-Opex Expansion

The problem is, we don't exactly know which way it will go.

Equity markets continue to be rangebound and do feel a little sluggish, as rotation into defensive stocks continues through the week. What's interesting here is that the markets have been oscillating around key pivot levels, but doing so in tighter ranges. There will come a time in which this equillibrium will clear and we see a strong expansion one way or the other, which will most likely come on the back of some market news. I'm looking for that to occur next week.

In this Episode of IWO Into the Close, we Discuss

  • A few potential breakout setups ready if the market holds here
  • How the dollar still matters in this market (again)
  • Just a little $LNKD voodoo
  • How the defensive rotation is still going on
  • Your individual requests

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by Steven Place

Steven Place is the founder and head trader at