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Pullback to Breakout Pattern in Equities

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The Stealth Rally Continues in Old People Stocks

It's still the same old story: dollar down, equities up. There's some macro news coming out of the eurozone that's putting some weight on the dollar, and coupled with a reversion to the upside in the carry trade equities are on solid footing again.

In this Episode of IWO Into the Close, we Discuss:

  • the stealth rally in defensive areas such as staples, healthcare, and utilities
  • how it's "make or break" time in the agriculture sector
  • why the carry trade is still propping up the market
  • the VIX is not "undervalued"
  • a great breakout in a biotech stock
  • a simple trade strategy for QCOM

You can watch the episode for free below:

by Steven Place

Steven Place is the founder and head trader at