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And the Stock Market Marches On

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A Clean Breakout

The equity markets, on the back of news from the Fed, staged quite a strong breakout from key technical levels. While we haven't seen broad based participation (as evidenced by the relative weakness in he financials), the fact remains that the trend has remained up.

In this Round of Stocktwits Brunch, we Discuss:

  • How the VIX is not "oversold" when taken in context of some simple calculations
  • Why the carry trade and the drop in the dollar are still helping equities
  • The best hedge against stocks may come from a strategic short in silver
  • Why oil continues to be accepted by this market and how it won't be a negative on stocks... yet.

After a solid look at the overall macro picture, we dive into individual requests from the Stocktwits stream. We also go over the current technical patterns seen in the Stocktwits 50-- you can get the full list here.

You can watch the show below:




by Steven Place

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