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AAPL Trade Idea #2: Selling a Bullish AAPL Straddle

This is trade 2/3 on AAPL that I'm going to give out. This one is catered to a much longer timeframe so you should consider this trade in AAPL more of an investment than a trade. There is much downside delta risk but it's similar to stock. Here's the trade:

Sell AAPL Jan 10 120 Straddle 52.65 or better

Now since this is further out you may have a harder time getting a fill but the price should work. Also, AAPL has a runup since I put this trade on so it's operating at a profit right now. Here's the risk profile for a single straddle:

Your breakeven at spiration is 67.38 and 172.65. That's a pretty nice area. With your basis at 67 and your max gain at 52.65, you're looking at a 78% max return in a year. The odds are it won't stay around 120, but it should be profitable in a year provided the stock doesn't go much further or double in 12 months.

If you experience a big run to the upside you should see volatility come off, and since the trade is negative vega you'll make money on a vol crush. Also notice that your delta as of righ tnow is only 30 so it's equivalent of owning 30 shares of stock. That means right now your delta risk is limited but as time goes on it will increase.

I think it's a decent trade overall, especially when you see your area of profitability:

by Steven Place

Steven Place is the founder and head trader at