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Get an Edge in Your Options Trading With Bollinger Bands

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After working with hundreds of option traders, we have distilled our major trading strategies into this video training.

Have you ever felt...

  • Frustrated because you just exited a trade for a loss only to see it reverse back in your favor
  • Uncertain because you don't know the best option to choose
  • Confusion by the amount of trade possibilities but not knowing the perfect setups

Well, that's OK. We all feel like that sometimes when we trade. Of course there's going to be frustration, uncertainty, and a little "information overload."

The question is, what are you going to do about it?

One way to do it is to try and improve your trading psychology. You read some books, do some visualization exercises, and learn how to manage your mental capital.

And that's fine... except for one thing.

If you don't have a good trading system, then it means nothing

That's what this course is all about. Distilling the market into 7 key trade setups that are available for you to trade right now. These are setups that I use on a daily basis to be a consistent, successful and profitable trader

After taking the course

  • Frustration goes away as you learn to time your entries while everyone else is stopping out
  • Uncertainty disappears as you find the best strategy that's suited for each setup
  • Confusion vanishes as you discover how to use scanners and screeners to remove the mental workload

That's why we built this course. To give you the systems and shortcuts needed to get amazing results in your trading


Swing Trade Secrets

The 7 Best Setups for Option Traders


You Will Also Receive these Bonuses...

  • Bonus #1: Option Trading Basics Course. You'll receive content from our Flagship course, OptionFu. So if you have no experience trading options, you will get up and running ASAP.
  • Bonus #2: "Fool Proof Option Buying" Report. Money management is key when trading options, so you receive a framework of managing risk, sizing, and taking profits that will help reduce the complexity of options trading.
  • Bonus #3: Proprietary Trading Scripts. You will no longer have to run through 500 charts just to find the best setups. Now you can distill the entire stock market into the best setups available now.
  • Bonus #4: One month access to IWO Premium. Come trade with us in real time-- you will get full access to nightly videos, trade alerts, and a chat room of professional traders

With all the value you are getting, you'd expect to be paying north of $500.

But the goal of this training is to help as many people as possible. Where once you see how we trade, you'll become a loyal IWO Client for life.

So for an investment of just $49 you'll have access to the course, bonuses, and access to IWO Premium

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